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Unlock your gyms revenue potential!

Unlock the revenue potential of your gyms schedule. Expand your community and find loyal members that are a perfect match for your gym. Alta will work with you to build and expand your member base from growing your profile to opportunities to run programs and admin & services support.

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    Run Alta Premium Programs

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    Unlock the revenue potential of your gyms schedule

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    Schedule Match AI

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    Diversify your Schedule to retain members & coaches

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How it works?
What’s in it for you?
What’s next?
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What is it?

Supercharge Your Gym

Grow your in-gym participation with help from our platform and dedicated team of martial arts experts.

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How it works and why?

We understand that Martial Arts and Combat Sports gyms are different and rely on a combination of the best coaches and the right culture. Our platform aims to help you build and retain members for your gym and community. We will match the right people for your gym, driving in-gym participation and traffic to grow your footprint in the martial arts and combat sports industry.

Claim your profile in less than 5 minutes!

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What’s in it for you?

Members & Revenue!

You will gain access to a wider network of members engaged with our platform

  • Run Alta Premium Programs

    Be given the opportunity to run some of our world renown premium Alta programs through your gym

  • Schedule Match AI

    Our proprietary Schedule AI will analyze your timetabled classes to match you with the right members for your gym

Claim your profile in less than 5 minutes!

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Arrow Diagonal DownWhat’s coming next?

Our platform will continue to grow with features like:

  • Manage your own profile

    We will hand the reins over to you allowing you to manage your own gym profile including unique content such as coach and facility information

  • Schedule Management

    Through your profile you can upload and manage your schedule, ensuring it remains up to date

  • Connect with members

    Direct link to your members through features in the Academy that will allow you to share and message you gym community

  • Share your content

    Share your own martial arts and combat sports content with your gym community and Alta members through the Academy

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Arrow Diagonal DownTap into the global member community

Open your doors to thousands of potential members.

Since 2012, Alta has had over 10,000 members participate in martial arts and combat sports training. Becoming part of our network will provide you access to a growing member community that our team is connecting to gyms like yours everyday.

“The TrainAlta program brought new, excited clients to my gym eager to do the program. It was a big boost financially for us running the program and gave us a group of brand new members after the fight show was done"

Alex Carioti

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Arrow Diagonal DownWhat is the Alta community

Alta is building a community of people passionate about martial arts and combat sports, connecting them to gyms within our network. We work with local gyms to grow participation and provide multiple avenues for increased member engagement and loyalty.

Claim your profile in less than 5 minutes!
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Want to speak with the team?

Want to be part of the Alta community and want to speak with us? Or you can not find your location to claim? Do not worry, just complete the form below and our team will contact you.

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